Jeff Giampetro was the graphic artist in our collaboration (we had tried to run a web design business '‘Tree in a Forest web design’' but failed to make profit). I did the coding. Jeff Giampetro did the graphics and I did the coding for the websites InDivaJewels, the Cradle of Sound (band), and the local Mental Health Services Act webpage (which was several dozen pages cross-linked). I have upon request the files to show you these websites but their original domains seem to be no longer being used, or if the MHSA one is still up it has been revised in content in respects that might not reflect our original design concept. InDivaJewels lapsed their domain registration as some of my former clients have. I created PayPal stores of the simplest kind, without inventory count just simply linking to secure payment to the client, courtesy of Angelfire. The website had beautiful rollover enlargements of the jewelry.


A local business called InDivaJewels.


no longer available